Mar 10 2018

Spoil me



Gifts are not expected though are always appreciated.

If you sometimes can ask me, "What do I prefer as a gift?"  I've added page"Spoil me"  simply for those of you that have a generous streak, here a few of my favorite things. 

I'm as well as all women love small luxuries of life.

 Gift - a pleasant and unforgettable surprise.

 Girls' best friends aren't necessarily diamonds but those who present them :)


  • Jewelry 
  • Lingerie


   You ch

  • oose whatever you would love to see on me


    Size Bra 34-36 C, panties Medium, suspender (garter) medium. Silk kimonos   wink wink


    • Stockings

    Medium / Small size (3)


    • Sweets & Chocolate

    Godiva, Lindt or any other...


    • Parfums

    Chance Eau Fraiche

    Narciso Rodrigues



    A generous tip is always appreciated.



    This is a little test as a woman I am, so I hope you will want more to find out more...