Aug 26 2018

The reasons of blurred face

Very often I get a question: "Why are you hiding your face?" Very often I am asked a question when I meet: "Why do you blur your face, it's so beautiful?"

I decided to open this question to show the reasons


I am an elite escort who offers discreet companionship and confidential meetings.
I visit hotels, sometimes I go to restaurants with my client. It's not only a private meeting but also social.

A gentleman with a well-known personality is unlikely to want a girl who spends time with him being recognized as an escort girl.


I have a different side of life.


I do not plan to be always in the VIP escort life. Unfortunately, some of my friends, having finished the escort meetings, still find their photos with other phone numbers. Some people just copy images and continue to advertise them.



Thank you for the attention and interest.