Travel To You

 If you wish ultra confidential and ultimate girlfriend experience with a poised lady.     


  Have you already planned your next holiday and like the idea of inviting a beautiful and interesting companion to travel with you or perhaps to join you on a business trip?

I have the sensual social and personal skills developed to enhance any trip.  I am happy to accept bookings for invitations to visit you abroad or join you on holidays overseas. I have the confidence to travel by air to meet you in different destinations. I will add you exciting elements to all your future travel adventures. 


All invitations are considered personally. At the last moment, invitations could also be considered at my discretion, not less than one day in advance.




To some countries, I do not travel, as I think it's not safe.  Some countries need a visa for entrance with RF passport, so be kind enough, to book ahead at least  10 days or more.  I don't apply for visas in advance because, I do not know if they will be used. If you confirm our meeting, there is nothing complicated.    

I have long term Schengen visa that I can use in 2019 - 2020, to travel around European Union countries. That's already prepared and included in travel to you.





I will require the following in order to accept your booking request.



   Here are the questions that will help you to share required for me info to implement our time together.  


  •  Be very specific about your plans ( country, city, dates, how long).


  •  I will need to know where I'll staying  (Hotel or Villa). 


  • Preferably a daily itinerary would be nice.  I would also like to know if I would be your traveling companion, that meaning that I would like to know what other locations/cities that I'll be visiting with you?


  • Is this your first time going to the town where you want to invite me?


  • Personal info and wishes:

What's your name?

Where're you from?

What's your age?

Do you have special preferences in bed?

What are your expectations?

You wish to tell about yourself...


 Fill out all detailed information on my booking form or contact me directly by phone or whatsapp. I do not accept any bookings unless I can confirm your identity and my safety. 





I have different type of packages, it is  dependent on destination and required time together. A down payment will be requested for booking travel abroad or locally. 


From 20%- 40% percent of my fee in advance as well as airfare and travel expenses. Deposit is a guarantee of th

            e seriousness of your invitation. My fee can be wired to my personal account or money transfer system which I will provide only after I have agreed to the booking date.   





            Frequently Asked Questions 


            How soon can you travel?

            To the destinations 2-3 hrs flight from Moscow for a short date ( night or 24 hrs), I prefer at least one day in advance.


            I would like to invite you to my country but I don't want to cover down payment, I ready to buy only tickets.

            I can consider such proposals with the terms of the first and business class tickets from Moscow and back.


            Can you by ticket yourself and come to my country, I'll cover all expences when you arrive? 

            I don't know why I wrote this question but sometimes it's happened. No, I can't,  without expanations. 


            I afraid, if I send you a down payment, you'll not come, that's why I ready to buy only standard tickets to confirm my invitation. 

            My website working not first month ( not first year), much more, contains several photoshoots. Most my profiles were marked as proofed photos, and if you scroll up to the page you'll see as well "100 % verified". 

            Obviously to say, from the side of honorarium I'll be interested in 100% than a part, and much more interested is to meet that gentleman, who agreed with my conditions, take care about me in advance, make my trip to him comfortable and without stress.  How do you think, can I miss that meeting, with such a nice man? 


            What kind of money transfers do you use?

            Western Union, Bank transfers, Paypal. 


            We don't know each other. I am calling you by video call to ask if you can travel.


            That's the absolutely wrong way for communication, especially if you calling late at night. I will send you a message, to text me your idea about traveling,  asap answer is the next day. Please, no conversation about "flymetoyou" during the night ( day time or evening), for the first interactive introduction. I expect your message with proper explaining on the questions I have mentioned on this page. If you don't understand, and calling me again and again- sorry,  I block you immediately. We can't meet.






            You can purchase tickets for me themselves.

            City of departure and return is Moscow.

            For security reasons, I can ask for a copy of your ID.

            I prefer  accommodation at hotel especially, if we meet for the first time.

            The language of communication is English and Russian.

            I am a member of Aeroflot and S7 airlines.


            Discreet Lover


            You can buy me a full travel package to the place where you will relax and visit me as a guest....Or we can travel together.

            I am available to travel with acquaintance me person from Moscow together same day ( of course depends of destination).

            Please contact me directly to ask for a reasonable quote.

            The min. travel price starts from $1000.  

            I reserve the right to refuse your invitation and if it does not respond my security requirements.