I would like to make our date absolutely unforgettable. I am proud of my beauty, charms and special skills.

Please, make sure that you really want to have a date with a beautiful, sexy intelligent woman and you are not just fantasizing.


I kindly ask that you read FAQ, to make order special requests for our date. I hope this brief Q&A provide you some useful information about.



Is that really you in your pictures?

Yes. I regularly have my photos updated. You can see professional and phone photos.  Please do not ask for photos or phone snapshots. I have all my photos watermarked with my name as a security measure. 

If I consider it necessary, I can speak with you for a few seconds on video communication, naturally after confirming the meeting.


How to confirm a meeting? How to make video conversation before the meeting? I don't believe in photos.

Due to the fact that I sometimes have several requests for a video conference per day, not related to date, and sometimes people from all countries call me without any agreement, I'm only available for verified potential clients. In fact, such disturbing calls I treat us unrespectful act, as at the moment I can be busy, as well, I don't know you, don't understand why you videocalling. In this case, I use a lock.

To have video in prior: send me your hotel address, room number, the name under the room. I will make a callback. After that, we can have a short video conversation.

I don't want to send my room number and name? This info only for me, I remove it after our meeting. If you don't want to share now, it means for me * you are not in Moscow * or don't plan to meet. 


What does it mean 100% verified on your website?

I use a professional escort site builder To make the check and have the icon, a mandatory requirement is sending the selfie with certain records and copies of the documents.


Will my privacy be protected?


 Yes. I do not share any details regarding our time together unless you have requested for me to do so. I operate as discreet escort, my lovers privacy is very important to me.  


How would you describe your personality?  

I am a confident person with a fun sense of humour and I love adventure. I like to explore sexual limits and I am very easy to get along with. I aim to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy at all times while communicating with me and spending time with me.    

What is the best way to contact you in prior?

Using the contact form site, email or sms is my preferred method for first contact. Working for myself can be a bit tricky and I am not always able to answer my phone. Please note that I am only available to visit you at your place in Moscow.


I want

to meet you today or tomorrow in Moscow. How can I make an appointment?

The preferred method is a text message or a call to my mobile +79857500255. I have Whatsapp.


What are the prices for the meeting in Moscow? 

I prefer long-term meetings, at least a rendezvous. I can come for a short introduction, but not always available. Minimal meeting from 200 us roses. For longer acquaintances more loyal conditions. Also, everything depends on your desires and my capabilities, but there are a lot of them.

Your prices are high. I see that a lot of beautiful girls have a lower cost? 

 I never describe myself as a cheap. 

My prices are the same as in more or less decent escort agencies in Moscow. Especially girls in agencies in most cases do not speak English. If they could, they would not have been there. Joke.

If you see very beautiful photos and a very loyal price, most likely it's a hoax. Try using the services Google picture verify or Tineye.

In Moscow, there are local escort sites where the Moscow priestesses of love are advertised. And believe the prices there are similar or higher. Most sites are not visible in search queries "Moscow escort girls". Therefore, if you were deceived, I ask you not to complain to me. It was your choice.

 I am good looking and fashionably dressed.

Don't need to ask me to send you video, photo confirmation, asking from me promises. I don't like such discussion. More I don't like when you ask for discount. Such man makes me laugh and unwilling to see him. If to see deeply, let's say that your gift - shows me first how you appreciate Your time with me. And second My time with you.

Do you have fixed hours for a date? 

I do not have a specially allocated time for meetings. I can be accessed or not at any time during the day or at night. I do not have a regulatory regime. When I want I rest. I do not sit all day waiting for a call. The easiest way is to contact me directly.

Do you offer incalls in Moscow?

Yes, I sometimes do.  Contact me directly, I can recommend you hotels for an hour or longer.

Do you offer other girls?

No, I don't.

Do you book couples?

No, I don't. 

Do you offer natural (unprotected) sex?

No, I only practice safe play. Please be aware when you are considering making a booking with me that I do not offer natural sex and I do not tolerate being asked or feeling pressured to do so during our time together. My sexual health is very important to me and I am considerate of your health also, please be considerate of my wishes.

Do you give discounts to loyal and repeat suitors?

I am very happy to have repeat dates. If you become my regular patron, I usually adjust my fee a little for overnight stays or prepaid services depending on how often we meet. Please do not ask me for a discount if you are booking for the first time or purchasing for future dates.  


Do you travel abroad and or accept international bookings?


I love to travel and make an excellent travel companion. Please contact me directly for details about how to arrange an international booking. You may also refer to my international booking page for more info. 


What can I expect from a date GFE with you?


My girlfriend experience is a no rush, no fuss intimate, sensual and indulgent affair. I like to treat all my lovers with the genuine respect and courtesy that I feel each deserves.  



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